The VFD Way

Inspiring Accountants to deliver part-time FD services with confidence

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What can I get from VFD?

VFD Way Fast Track

12 months of bespoke support for your practice

Practive Mastermind

For Practice owners and their Client Manager team

Sole Practitioner Mastermind

Supporting practices with ‘Growing Your Numbers’

Peer Support

VFD Pro subscribers with a Client Manager team

Understand the Approach and Mindset required of Your Team and the Client by exploring the Fundamental Principles & Attributes that are needed to implement a Scalable Process.

Your Team should now be aware what skills are required to be able to operate in the capacity of a part-time Finance Director with your Clients.

Your Clients will clearly understand the Approach and the rules of engagement will be clear to your Clients.

Use various Diagnostic Tools and Methodology to define the purpose of the business and understand the Client’s motivation so that strategic objectives can be set.

Your Team should be able to identify issues within the business and highlight opportunities for improvement and growth, focusing the client on high priority tasks and achieve buy in to ensure accountability.

Use Enhanced Performance Reporting Tools to analyse how the business operates and understand the profitability and performance drivers within the business.

Your Team should now understand the process to follow regarding reviewing performance in a systematic way to ensure each Client is treated in a consistent and scalable way.

Use Modelling tools to set high level profitability and basic working capital requirements, analyse the impact new service/product channels will have on profitability and perform gap analysis to identify where growth can be achieved within existing and new activity.

Your Team will now be able to convert the high level view of the numbers into a plan that targets where the growth will be achieved by identifying where resource and effort will be directed.

Use the Forecast and Funding Proposal Model to provide a 3 way 5 year forecast which provides fully integrated Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.

Use Scenario Modelling to demonstrate various outcomes to identify the most realistic, achievable plan.

Your Team will now be able to provide your Clients with a plan which details the key deliverables to enable them to achieve their strategic objectives and continually measure performance against plan to highlight where action may need to be taken.

Create a Funding Proposal to provide lenders with both quantitative and qualitative information using financial information pre-populated by the Forecast Model and working with the client.

Your Team will now be able to provide Funding Proposals in a format that lenders recognise and which maximise the probability of securing funding on the best possible terms.

Understand how to position your services with the Client to demonstrate the value you are able to provide.

Your Team will be able to secure more profitable engagements by demonstrating how they are able to support the Client to achieve desired success within their business.

Your Client will be confident in Your Team’s ability to deliver the service offered.

Monitor performance against forecast monthly with the ability to perform a high level reforecast during the meeting.

Use Financial and Non Financial reports to provide a summary review of performance monthly and conduct more detailed reviews quarterly.

At this stage Your Team are assisting the Client to focus on the activities that will drive continuous performance improvement and highlight issues and opportunities to keep the business on plan.

On an annual basis repeat the process in Phases 2 to 6 once Q3 of the current financial year has been finalised in order to set the strategic direction and objectives for the next financial next year.

Strategic Objective setting and provision of detailed Annual Forecasts will enable Your Team to help the Client understand and achieve their growth plans. This regular analysis will drive a deeper understanding of the business and allow Your Team to work with the Client on the business and strengthen their position as a valued member of the Management Team.

Phase 1 - Mindset

• Approach

• Fundamental Principles

Phase 2 - Analysis (Non-Financial)

• Business Purpose

Phase 3 - Analysis (Financial)

• Trading Performance

Phase 4 - Stategic Planning

• Strategic Objectives

Phase 5 - Detailed Forecast

• 3-Way Forecast

• Scenario Modelling

Phase 6 - Funding Proposal (Optional)

• Funding Application

Phase 7 - Positioning your Services with the Client

• Secure the Engagement

Phase 8 - Review

• Performance Monitoring

Phase 9 - Annual Strategic Review & Plan

• Set Strategic Direction